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Merchants of the Month

The Nursall Group @ Sage Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage

The Nursall Group @ Sage Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage

We’re an authentic bunch, and you should know that a commitment to service is at the core of our business. 361 Kerr St, Oakville, ON L6K 3B9

We work as a team, always, to deliver results for clients – the ones they want, and the ones they deserve.

This isn’t Wall Street, and we don’t do the backstabbing nonsense that turns colleagues into enemies and clients into cattle. We embrace a knights-of-the-roundtable style of teamwork – we all work for one another so that when one of us wins, we all do. Our office also abides by a “no lying clause,” with each other and our clients. We break the pattern with what you might have come to expect with traditional real estate agents. Think you might be a fit? We also might have an opening or two, for the right kind of folks. What you see is what you get, which is an approach that’s built on understanding the market, knowing the homes, and striving to work with your lifestyle in mind. Want to meet the people who’ll change your perspective on real estate? Go on and meet the members of the the Nursall Group….