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Community Notificaton Oakville Santa Claus Parade 2018

Community Notificaton Oakville Santa Claus Parade 2018

Parade Route & Road Closure Information

November 1, 2018
Community Notification
Oakville Santa Claus Parade 2018
Dear Oakville resident,
The 2018 Oakville Santa Claus Parade will take place on Saturday, November 17.
A map of the 2018 parade route and road closures is enclosed for your reference.
For more information about this year’s Oakville Santa Claus Parade visit
Road Closures
In order to welcome the parade along its route through downtown Oakville and Kerr
Village, the following roads will be closed from 7 to 11:30 a.m.:
 Deane Avenue from Maurice Drive to Kerr Street
 Felan Avenue from Stewart Street to Rebecca Street
 Kerr Street from Lakeshore Road to Stewart Street
 Lakeshore Road from Allan Street to Brant Street
 Rebecca Street from Dorval Drive to Forsythe Street
 Robinson Street from Navy Street to Allan Street
 Stewart Street from Kerr Street to Maurice Drive
Parking Access and Restrictions
Temporary “No Parking Special Event” signs and parking restrictions will be posted on
the streets included in the road closure, listed above, as well as the following residential
side streets:
 Deane Avenue
 Felan Avenue
 Hawthorne Road
 Herald Avenue
 Inglewood Drive
 Stewart Street

 Westside Drive
In preparation for the parade, the signs will be installed during the week of November
12-16. These parking restrictions will be enforced starting at 6 a.m. on November 17
and will prohibit vehicles from parking until the parade is over. Any vehicles found on
the street during this time may receive a ticket or be towed.
Temporary Parking Permits
Residents in the affected areas wanting temporary on-street parking during the road
closure/parking prohibitions must find available parking on another unrestricted road.
Residents requiring overnight parking prior to the parade can go on-line at to obtain a permit to park on an unrestricted road. No permits will be
available for vehicles to park within the road closure/parking prohibitions.
For more information about parking visit
Detour Route
To ensure safe travel through Oakville during the road closures listed above, the
following roads be marked as a detour route:
 Chartwell Road
 Allan Street
 Cornwall Road / Speers Road
 Dorval Drive
 Fourth Line
Free Oakville Transit Shuttle Service
The town is providing free and convenient Oakville Transit shuttles from the Oakville
GO station to the parade, as parking near the parade will be restricted and very limited.
The Santa Shuttle runs every five minutes from 8 to 11:30 a.m. stopping at all regular
stops along Reynolds Street to downtown Oakville (Church and Dunn).
If you have any questions about the information contained in this notification please
Rebecca Cotter
Events Supervisor
Recreation and Culture Department
Town of Oakville