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Oakville Massage and Wellness Clinic

At Oakville Massage & Wellness Clinic, your health is our goal. Our vision is to foster a consciousness of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health in every client, and use this knowledge to help you achieve your goals and enhance your quality of life. We believe that if everyone lives at their highest standard of health, it doesn’t just improve the lives of individuals, but helps families, groups and entire communities live better.

Our health and wellness team adheres to the philosophy of “Givers Gain,” which embraces the idea that both businesses and their communities they serve benefit from charitable and altruistic activities. That’s why we regularly donate our time and services to charity events and silent auctions – it’s a great way for us to get to know the community and help a variety of worthy causes at the same time.

77 John St, Suite 201 Oakville
905 842-0287

Lusitania Bakery and Cafe

Since 1989, we have been providing our customers with great quality products within a reasonable price range. Our bakery is all about our fresh bread that is made with good quality ingredients and made by hand. We also offer a deli and cheese counter, subs and sandwiches, delicious pastries and cakes. We also have a licensed L.L.B.O patio. So come join us in a friendly, family environment and you'll see how we pride ourselves in our great tasting bread and how we devote ourselves in everything we do at Lusitania Bakery and Cafe. Hope to see you soon.

314 Kerr Street Oakville
905 849 7699