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Chiropractic Wellness Group

For more than two decades, Dr. Michele Arishenkoff has been practicing Chiropractic in the Oakville area. After graduation from CMCC in Toronto, she worked as an associate practitioner and, in 2004, she established the Chiropractic Wellness Group.

Dr. Arishenkoff realized the need to provide a calm environment for individualized, quality care. With her years of clinical experience, Dr. Arishenkoff has been drawn to a niche that serves patients in a unique manner. Her practice focuses on injury prevention and maintenance of spine and joint function. Special interests include the effects of fascial strain. She also recognizes the role of the mind-body connection in health and disease. As such, she employs specialized techniques beyond traditional Diversified Chiropractic and Activator Methods including Cranial Release, Cold Laser Therapy, Reflex Trigger Points, and Raindrop Technique. Dr. Arishenkoff also understands the importance of lifestyle habits such as diet, exercise and positive mental attitude that make a difference in health and chronic disease.

80 Lakeshore Road West Oakville

CML Healthcare

LifeLabs is a Canadian-owned company that has been serving the healthcare needs of Canadians for more than 50 years. Today, LifeLabs performs more than 100 million laboratory tests every year, helping healthcare providers diagnose, treat, monitor and prevent disease in patients. LifeLabs is strongly committed to continual innovation in testing services. For our patients and healthcare providers, this means we always strive to provide access to the latest specialized clinical tests—to detect cancer for example, to monitor heart disease, identify neurological disorders and pinpoint allergies.

170 Rebecca Street Unit F Oakville

Coccoon Yoga Studio

Coccoon is a yoga studio and a retail store where you can do yoga, relax, meditate and do some shopping. Our roots goes back to 1990’s. Ersin Ananda Saran’s studio Kaivalya Yogashram in Istanbul, is known to be the one of the very first yoga studios in Istanbul. Ananda has been into yoga for more than 40 years. He is still continuing his spiritual journey. He has his instructor certification and his Yoga Therapy Certification from VYASA - Banglore-India. In Coccoon we practice Hatha Yoga, Chakra Yoga. We have classes for +60. We welcome the souls who wanted to practice meditation almost everyday for free, because we believe sharing is caring. Except for Sundays we are open everyday!

77 Lakeshore Road West Oakville
(905) 582-2826